The Blogging Bucket List Challenge

(Lol! I say the darnedest things)
Anyway! Gift Collins tagged me in her Blogging Bucket List Challenge, where I’m supposed to share the things I hope to achieve with my blog over the next six months! So this is me, accepting the challenge… Let’s go!
  1. Maintain Consistency! I’m aiming for at least 2 posts a week! (Scratch this week out! Doesn’t count😜)
  2. Reach 150 followers! I’m going to actively work on building my follower base.
  3. Learn the ropes! When I created this blog earlier this year, I had NO IDEA what I was doing, had no plans to monetize my blog… I knew next to nothing about building a blog. I just knew that I wanted to put out information that would be helpful to anyone who needed it! Ever since I joined The Bloggers’ Advocate Support Group on WhatsApp, I’ve been exposed to sooo many passionate and experienced minds with a world of knowledge! Tbh, I was lost almost every time they started a conversation about what I call ‘the technicalities of blogging‘. So, I plan to learn all I can about blogging; from SEO to optimising keywords to building traffic, everything!
  4. Branch Out! NGB has been almost solely about haircare and, while that’s my first love, I want to branch out… create new categories; maybe a little of lifestyle and skincare(I do know a lot about this!). I just want to widen my scope so there’s something for everyone on here, including my male friends who talk about not being able to relate😒
  5. Work on my Photography and Editing! This is a huuugggeee one for me! Now that I’ve been exposed to the world of editing, I can’t believe some of the pictures I used in the past!😫 I have scoured the web for helpful posts about photography and editing, because they play such a huge role in the visual appeal of a blog. Special shout-out to Vincent Desmond for his post on editing apps!

    Picture editing apps

    The applications I use for editing pictures for NGB

  6. Review each month! Just to remind myself of little achievements and things I’m thankful for.
These are the major goals I hope to achieve in the next six months. Nothing major, I’m just trying to focus on building a solid foundation and optimising my blog.
So, Keda and Uzzy, I’m tagging you guys in this challenge. Let’s see your Blogging Bucket List!

9 thoughts on “The Blogging Bucket List Challenge

  1. kedawithani says:

    Great list… Im the same as you… monetizing my blog was no where near what I had in mind when I started blogging I didnt even know you coyld make money blogging (ignorance at its finest🙈)… then every other day you hear about SEO and affiliate programs and im like wuhhhat…! Definitely started looking into that…

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  2. leighanneileithyia says:

    Thank you for sharing your blogging bucket list! I also started a new blog this year with completely new content – it has certainly been a challenge. It is nice to see I am not alone in “learning the ropes” and inspiring to see what others are doing to be successful in this blogging community. Looking forward to seeing your progress into the new year! 🙂


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